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Pictures of You television commercial

Video Transcript

Hallway with a door ajar at the end. There is a picture stuck on the door of three people.

[music begins to play]

A bedroom with the end of a bed visible. There are multiple stuffed toys around the room.

Outdoor scene of a backyard pool. The pool has the cover on and appears as if it has gone unused for some time.

A living room focusing on an empty chair

A closed door with race car posters stuck on the outside

A storage area filled with gardening supplies. There is an unused bike.

A bedroom with model dinosaur skeletons hanging from the ceiling. There is a framed picture of a young man on the far wall.

A wall above a TV unit where there are framed photos hanging.

A table piled with multiple framed photos.

A room with every space on the wall occupied by family photos.

Close up of a picture attached to a fridge. The picture is of a young man.

The Father looking at the picture on the fridge.

[I’ve been looking so long]

Shelf with a clock in the middle with two framed pictures of boys on either side. There are trophies in front of the pictures.

[at these pictures of you]

Close up of two trophies being held.

[That I]

Father holding the two trophies looking at them.

[almost believe]

Photo wedged into the dashboard of a truck.

[that they're real]

The father driving the truck which the photo is in.

Wife sitting at a table looking out the window.

[I’ve been living so long]

Close up of her hands placed on an open photo album.

[with my pictures of you]

Father sitting at a computer watching a slideshow of his son.

[that I]

A mother sitting looking down.

[almost believe]

Close up of her hand touching a photo of her daughter.

[that the pictures]

[are all I can feel]

A father sitting in a lounge chair looking at and touching a framed photo of his son.

Close up of a young boy sitting in the passenger seat of a car.

Zoomed out of the boy. He has a picture on his lap and is looking down at it.

A mother attaching a bunch of flowers to a pole.

A man kneeling at a grave with the sun setting through the trees.

A mother sitting at a table lost in thought.

View of the woman sitting at the table from the kitchen.

Framed picture of a young man being held by the father as he looks at it.

Zoomed out view of a father sitting on a couch looking at the photo of his son. He turns the photo to face the camera.

A woman sitting at a table turns a black and white photo to the camera of her with her husband and child.

[there was nothing in the world]

A mother standing outside on the front lawn holding a photo of her son to the camera.

[that I ever wanted more]

The man sitting in the truck showing the picture of his son to the camera.

[than to feel you]

A woman sitting holding a photo album opened at a page showing a picture of a woman in a wedding dress and on the other page a picture of a toddler.

[deep in my heart]

A mother sitting on a child's bed holding a framed photo of her son.

A father in his garage and work clothes holding a photo of his son working in the garden.

[there was nothing in the world]

Man sitting holding a picture at the camera

[that I]

Brother showing his inner arm to the camera where there is a tattoo of his brother.

[ever wanted more]

A husband and wife sitting on the couch, each holding a photo of a son to the camera.

[than to never feel the]

A husband and wife each sitting in a lounge chair with a framed picture of their son sitting between them on an end table.

[breaking apart]

Mother and daughter sitting on the end of a bed holding a picture of a girl to the camera.

[all my pictures of you.]

Close up of a photo brooch of a young boy pinned to his mother's top.

Same mother standing on a footpath looking at a pole where there are flowers attached. The word "Ryan" is sprayed on the pole in black paint.

Text on screen: "Speeding drivers are the biggest killers on our roads"

Camera transitions through close ups of emotional family members who have lost loved ones.

Text on screen: "This is why you are photographed when you speed."

Photo held to the camera of a husband and wife and their young child

Text on screen: "John McCall, 24. Killed 1968."

Photo held to the camera of a young man.

Text on screen: "Riley French, 18. Killed 2006."

Open photo album shown to the camera. On one side of the book there is a photo of a young woman in her wedding dress. On the other is a photo of a toddler.

Text on screen: "Belinda Matthews, 18. Emma Matthews, 1. Killed 1992."

Framed photo of a young man. There is a photo attached at the bottom of the man in army uniform.

Text on screen: "Alex Long, 20. Killed 1995."

Close up of a young man working in the garden.

Text on screen: "Trevor Wrangle, 19. Killed 2004."

Close up of a tattoo on an inner arm of a young man.

Text on screen: "Craig Sherlock, 24. Killed 1995."

Two framed pictures shown sitting on the lap of a husband and wife. The picture shows two boys.

Text on screen: "Anthony Hall, 15. Travis Hall, 13. Killed 1995."

Photo of a young woman blowing out candles on a birthday cake.

Text on screen: "Alisha Longmore, 18. Killed 2000."

Photo of a young man with his motorbike.

Text on screen: "Martin Walsh, 21. Killed 1997."

Close up of a picture brooch with a picture of a boy in it.

Text on screen: "Ryan Evans, 13. Killed 2001."

Text on screen: "Slow Down. Please."

On screen: TAC logo - - Victorian Government Logo