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Ryan's Story

This is why you're photographed when you speed.

Video Transcript

Helen Evans' walking down the footpath holding a bunch of flowers.

I'm Ryan Evans' mum.

My name is Helen and Ryan was 13 on the day of the accident.

Close up of a black and white picture in a frame of Ryan as a child with his mother.

[Music starts to play]

Picture of Ryan shown in a frame on shelving at an angle, camera pans to get a clearer view of the photo.

To put it in a nutshell all your dreams are shattered.

Ryans back pack on the floor beside the couch is shown.

You know, it's gone.

You don't have a future more or less.

Close up of the back pack.

Because your fut....your future is to bring up your child.

Helen attaching the bunch of flowers to the pole where Ryan died.

I believed, when you have a child you look after them through sickness, health, richer, and poorer.

Camera zooms in on Helen as she is attaching the flowers to the pole.

It's the same as your wedding vows.

I didn't get to do that

Picture shown of Ryan driving a ride on mower.

Picture shown of Ryan on a wall board, the word ‘Memories’ is under the photo.

because my precious son was killed in a car accident

Close up of a sporting trophy won by Ryan. There also others in the background.

coz of a stupid driver speeding.

And um he was my only child.

And that's what it all comes down to.

Helen attaching the bunch of flowers to the pole where Ryan died as seen from the other side of the road with cars going by.

It's turned our life upside down completely.

Close up of Helen as she finishes attaching the flowers to the pole and stands back to look at them.

Nothing will ever be the same and it won't be.

Zoomed out view of Helen looking at the pole with the flowers attached. The pole has the name ‘Ryan’ sprayed on it in black paint.

Close up of Helen.

He was my only child and nothing can replace him.


[Music finishes]