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Trevor's Story

This is why you're photographed when you speed.

Video Transcript

Headshot of Martin Wrangle.

My name is Martin Wrangle and my 19 year old son Trevor Wrangle was killed just over three years ago in a single vehicle accident

Martin sitting at his computer watching a slideshow of Trevor pictures (music begins to play).

[Music begins to play] and to this day I don't know why

Speed was definitely a factor.

Close up of Martin as he is watching the slideshow.

Trevor drove past his street, missed a right-hand sweeping bend and took a tree out

And that was the last time he breathed on this earth

Close up of the slideshow Martin is watching, photos show Trevor as a child swimming, cuddling and playing with a younger sibling and sleeping.

But there was a moment there where I was thinking maybe there's a chance that it's not him.

And there was, I think it was just a clinging onto the, the last hope.

Back to close up of Martin as he watches the slideshow.

And then that afternoon, off to South Melbourne to identify him.

Scene changes to show Trevor’s empty room, there is a model yacht in the corner.

And that's not a pretty occasion and pretty thing to do because they don't clean them up.

It's not a fashion parade I can assure you.

Picture of Trevor shown in picture frame on his parent’s bedside table.

Death in cars is a dirty, messy, bloody, gory business.

Martin holding the picture of Trevor out in the garden working, smiling up at the camera.

I was supposed to be buried by him.

Kids are supposed to bury their parents, parents aren't suppose to bury their children.

Scene zooms out to show Martin in the Garage in his work clothes holding the picture of Trevor.

And I just hope that other families will not have to suffer like we have